Saturday, December 18, 2021

Dusting Off the Blog

 I am dusting off my blog and starting fresh for 2022. Quick update:  My daughter, Isabelle, is a full-fledged HMUA (hair and makeup artist). Here's her website: She is amazing, beautiful. She travels to Fashion Week in NYC and LA. It is exciting to be connected with her. My daughter, Eden, is finishing up her Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Chinese Language.  I started with L4L doctoral work at the University of Washington. Dave got a monster of a bull last year. We are all surviving the pandemic. Despite what I just wrote, there have been lots of challenges as we have had to navigate some changes and restrictions in our lives. My beloved aunt died. She was the source of good attachment in my childhood. Then, my mom died. We have been sorting out details on her, and we are preparing to close the door on that work.

Ways to get reconnected with me:  I'll be re-publishing my books. I've added considerably to my YouTube channel. With a bit of nostalgia, I am showing you my 3 most viewed videos:

#3:  Tapping to help with feelings of overwhelm:

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