Saturday, August 2, 2014


Hi, my name is Christy Lynn Anana. I have two big goals this year as I roll into being 44. #1--I want to be a published author of books that help increase compassion on our planet. #2--I aim to help others on their healing journey.

Who am I?  I am a mom, a wife, a school counselor (nationally board certified--oh yeah!), a yoga teacher, a writer, and a healing facilitator.

Many things happened for me when I turned 22--got my first teaching job in Hawaii, felt the freedom of being on my own and exploring who I really was. I expect 44 to be twice as eventful.

I'm starting off by doing some presentations at conferences. Wow!--this was unexpected, but it is about a powerful subject that I am passionate about--helping children who've experienced trauma with empowering and healing techniques. Yoga, Mindfulness, and Emotional Freedom Technique (or tapping). I've used these techniques with students at my school, and I 'm encouraged by their progress.

Yoga is beautiful! I teach a gentle style in our community. I also teach to students as a way to help them calm down, make good choices, and be ready to learn.

Mindfulness--being present, helps me to feel good and notice what's going right. I want to see the positives. I receive guidance when I'm quiet.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a useful tool to help eliminate fears, anxieties, and unhealthy thinking. I know that when I start to feel bad, I am empowered to use this technique to feel better.

I've created some YouTube videos to demonstrate the power of these healing avenues.

So, my family...First off, this blog would not have happened if it weren't for my daughter, Isabelle. She is tech savvy and pushes me way out my comfort zone. She is smart and creative and charming. She is helping me with everything on this blog, and I'm very grateful. I just have to learn everything before she leaves for college in a few years.

Her younger sister, Eden, keeps all of us laughing with her quick wit and movie quotes. Her current obsession is Monty Python--quite unusual for a 12-year old. All of us will work for her someday. She'll be a lawyer or scientist and figure out something with her amazing brain.

My husband, Dave, is a super athlete. I cannot, nor was I ever able to, keep up with him. But I've learned that I can let him speed ahead. Eventually, we both end up at home, where we belong together.

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